Electric Literature

Paddle to the Sea

IV Sedation Test Shot

Some Work in Progress From the 14th Floor

Bang! Short Film Festival

Zero Film Festival with Concrete Details!!!

NY, LA, Miami?

X-ray Self Portrait

Set Pieces of Work in Progress

Zero Film Festival


DOK Leipzig

Pentax Hacks!


Baba Yaga?

Black Box

Slightly Less Than Random Experimentation

Winter Hydrangeas

Kubrick Red - Part I

Big Ernie Likes to Bite Your Ankles

Molly the Goat

Harley and Nancy in Rainier

More Promotional Pieces in Progress...alliteration is fun.

Quadruple Done

Done, done, and done.

Audrey Doesn't Dare Interrupt Uncle Rebhorn

Cousin Darren Didn't Say a Word to Anyone

Uncle Rebhorn in the Car

Running for the Phone

Cousin Darren

Cousin Audrey

Come on in said the Spider to the Fly!

Much mucho more.

We've Got Pictures, Papi Chulo!

Oh my Lord, it's looking REAL!

A Whole New World of Possibilities Just Opened Up...

Blur, Melt, Blurp, Repeat...

Is that the phone?

Now THAT'S A Phone