The Boy Who Drew Cats I

I haven't seriously thought of creating anything new for quite awhile, I was looking through my old notes and stories I liked and came across one that was one of my favorites as a kid. I couldn't remember the name of it (thank YOU, Google!) until I looked today, "The Boy Who Drew Cats". It's funny what you remember years later, like the phrase, " enormous, monstrous rat, - a goblin rat, - bigger than a cow!" Hopefully more will come of this...
I haven't sketched anything out yet but I am already thinking of doing stop motion using white paper cut outs for sets and puppets, just using the natural shadows for color and shading...I wanted to do this a few years ago while I was still in school but never had a chance to...I have attached some links to give an idea of what I have in mind for technique. Aaaaand I can't wait to start this project!